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Christmas Decoration Ideas From the Workshop

For your Christmas Village:

Tennis Court:
 *6by3 in. card board piece
 *white paint
 *7 by 4 in. green construction paper
 *tape or glue
 *2 matches

1) lay 3 by 6 in. card board piece on your work area and cover it with 7 by 4 in. green construction paper. Fold edges down and attach them to the back of card board
2) Take matches and cut the tips off. glue them exactly in the middle but on the edges.
3) tie string from match stick to match stick and keep tying until you get to the bottom.
4) paint white pains on the green side of card board to make the lines
5) look at diagram for help:
The red is where you paint white for the lines and the bold black is where you put the string to form the net.

 The red is the place you paint white and the bold black os the string wich in tennis is called the net.